“Il Matrimonio dei Sensi” is an idea dated back in 1999 by Gabriella Giamminola, in collaboration with Fabrizio Ferri and the “Università dell’Immagine” in Milan. It is an Exhibition Event that, through the “luxury of research”, meaning looking for the time to invest for the realization of important moments in our lives, aims to investigate and share, through sensory and experiential pathways, special moments in life that, through the world of matrimony opens to all areas of life-style: fashion, beauty, art, design, food, wine, home, technology and travel, real and imaginary.

Thanks to careful research and thorough and suggestive preparation, we offer creative solutions for new and innovative occasions and special events, stimulating the senses of the visitors. In fact, it’s right the mix between our five senses and sensitivity – our sixth sense, as often stated by Fabrizio Ferri – which gives birth to the amazing events organized by Il Matrimonio dei Sensi.

Since 2016, Il Matrimonio dei Sensi collaborates with Giuliana Parabiago, journalist, expert in weddings, the art of receiving and etiquette.


She has been the Vogue Sposa editor in chief for many years, now she’s a consultant for Elle Spose and strategy manager for Sposaitalia, the international wedding dress exhibition.

She wrote two books about the wedding, and she is a tutor in a wedding forming course. She organizes events and parties also for the Pitti show. Together with Il Matrimonio dei Sensi, Giuliana organizes wedding parties, but only if there are special!

Great attention is given to the choice and harmonic composition of lights, colors, materials, perfumes, fragrances and sounds with which experiential paths are designed and proposed during the Events. The same attention to the five senses, plus one, can also be found on the website Il Matrimonio dei Sensi, the true leader and spokesmodel of elegance, sophistication, in the pursuit of uniqueness.

“Il Matrimonio dei Sensi” is also Solidarity. The organization has always supported AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research) in their battle to fight cancer, asking participants in their events to donate an item or work to assist the Association. The objects and works of art donated are sold at 50% of their value and the proceeds are donated entirely to the AIRC.